Wheelie bin recycling service

Soon many households in Wairarapa will be Cleaner, Greener, and Smarter with a brand-new wheelie bin for recycling. These bins will have wheels so they are easy to move and lids with clips to keep recyclables from blowing away. 

The new recycling wheelie bins, with bright yellow lids, should now have been delivered to all urban households in Wairarapa that currently receive a kerbside recycling service. An information booklet should have been delivered with your bin. 

The new kerbside recycling service begins the week commencing 9 September. The wheelie bin is to be used for non-glass recyclables and the old green and maroon crates for glass-only recycling. The crates and the wheelie bins will be emptied on alternating weeks (termed Week 1 and Week 2, according to the calendar included in the information booklet). 

Everyone in South Wairarapa puts their recycling wheelie bin out on Week 1, and their crates out on Week 2. While it's a little bit confusing, the new recycling pick-up service actually begins on Week 2.

Recycling wheelie bins are being introduced by the three Wairarapa councils to encourage more recycling in an effort to reduce our waste to landfill and protect our environment.

  • The improved recycling service will make it easier for households to recycle, allow more recycling to be collected (an extra 140 litres per fortnight) and keep the materials clean and dry.
  • Wheelie bins will also reduce wind-blown litter from improperly secured recycling placed in kerbside crates.

To find out about the changes to your kerbside recycling and rubbish collection, visit www.wairecycle.nz/.

Also see our frequently asked questions [FAQs] which answers questions relating to the new wheelie bin service.

To ensure the new recycling service runs smoothly and to keep people safe, the three Wairarapa councils have developed the Three Strikes Policy, which can be read here.

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South Wairarapa District Council