Water Conservation

Water is a precious natural resource. Acting sustainably means conserving water whenever possible, for the environmental and financial benefit of our district. See Tips to reduce your water use.
Water conservation is particularly important in the summer months when the flows in the Ruamahanga River are at their lowest. During these, the Council may need to impose water restrictions.
Water conservation is particularly important in Martinborough this summer as the town's supply is down to one bore while we await the installation of the manganese removal plant.
Water supply and consumption of our town water supplies is continutally monitored to ensure all the essential demands for water are met. Emergency supplies of water also need to be maintained at all times, for example, for use in the event of fire.
At the driest times of the year, or when supply is impacted for any other reason, watering our gardens and washing our cars needs to become less of a priority. If your garden is important to you, one option is to install a water tank and collect rainwater off your roof to water your garden. Two-hundred litre water tanks suitable for garden and emergency supplies are available at Council offices.
Further information
For more information about water infrastructure and metering, please see the Water and Sewer page.

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