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What is resource consent?
Some activities and buildings and all subdivisions must be assessed against the Council’s District Plan. A resource consent is a permit to carry out an activity that would otherwise contravene a rule in the Council’s District Plan. The Wairarapa Combined District Plan applies to all three Wairarapa district councils and contains rules about activities like building setbacks, subdivision, or running a business from home. Anything not permitted by the District Plan requires a resource consent. Sometimes you will need a resource consent as well as a building consent.

Local council’s role in resource consenting

To help understanding of SWDC’s role is approving resource consents, which for our part relates to ‘Land Use Applications’, we have developed this flow chart that explains the process and timelines involved.

Click here to view the flow chart

A resource consent is required from SWDC for any proposed activity within our district that doesn’t comply with our Wairarapa Combined District Plan. 

The Plan text now incorporates a number of Plan changes and should be read in conjunction with the maps.

Examples of things that may require resource consent are:

  • Building or extending a house close to a boundary
  • Starting a business in a residential area
  • Subdividing a property
  • Hosting a multi-day event

Unsure if your project will require resource consent? We are happy to discuss your proposal and work with you to figure out whether you'll need resource consent. Contact the Planning department or ring 06 306 9611 to set up an appointment.

Events: Events can involve any or all of Council's licenses and consents.  Please consult our Event Management page to see which ones will apply to you, or ring 06 306 9611.

Applying for resource consent

Contact the Planning department to find out if your plans will require resource consent. If you are planning an event, start with our Event Management page.  If you do need resource consent then you or your agent (builder, architect, planning consultant or similar) must complete a resource consent application form (download or type directly on forms).

Resource Consent application form 
Affected Party Consent form
Guide to Resource Consent applications for relocated buildings
Boundary Activity form
Submission on Notified Resource Consent form
S224 Application form 

Resource consents take no longer than 20 working days to process unless the application needs to be limited or publicly notified, then it could take longer.  To ensure your resource consent process runs smoothly, you may want to engage a planning professional who understands the requirements and jargon that can sometimes be found in the resource management process.

Submission Form

If you would like to make a submission on a publicly notified resource consent application, you can use our Submission Form (you may be able to type directly on the form), or send an email to that addresses the sections outlined in the submission form.


There is a fee to apply for a resource consent, and if your consent is granted there can be fees attached to the consent itself. Please look at the Guide to Resource Consent Fees for more information, or contact the Planning department.

Useful Links

Ministry for the Environment - For plain-English information about resource consents.

New Zealand Planning Institute - The New Zealand Planning Institute (NZPI) is the professional organisation representing planners, resource managers, urban designers, and environmental practitioners throughout New Zealand.

To find Professionals in Planning, Design & the Environment visit NZPI’s online directory at

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