Representation arrangements are confirmed as the status quo

No appeals were received against the Council decision to remain with the status quo for representation arrangements. This means that our current representation arrangements will continue for the next three years.

In three years' time, Council will undertake another Representation Review, by which time there are likely to be changes in the ward populations.

Representation arrangements for the local government elections on 12 October 2019 are as follows:

  • The Council will comprise nine members, three each elected from the existing three wards (Featherston, Greytown and Martinborough), and the Mayor who will be elected at large.

The three wards reflect the following identified communities of interest:

Featherston Ward

The summit of the Remutuka and Tararua Ranges on the northwest, the Tauherenikau River and State Highway 53 on the northeast, Ruamahanga River and the east side of Lake Onoke on the southeast, and the coastline of Palliser Bay on the south.

Greytown Ward

The summit of the Tararua Ranges on the northwest, the Hector and Waiohine Rivers on the northeast, the Ruamahanga River on the east and Tauherenikau River and State Highway 53 on the southwest.

Martinborough Ward

The Ruamahanga River on the northwest, the Pohatuniki Stream, the Whangaehu River, the Wainuioru River, and the Waihingaia Stream on the northeast, the coastline round to Lake Onoke on the southeast and southwest.


The population each ward will represent will be as follows:


Estimated Resident Population as at 30/06/17


Population Per Member

Featherston Ward




Greytown Ward




Martinborough Ward









  • There will be three Community Boards elected (Featherston, Greytown and Martinborough), one for each ward. Each will have four elected members and two Councillors appointed from the three elected to represent each ward.


South Wairarapa District Council