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We have updated our website. If you are searching for a valuation number, or wish to search by street or legal description please click here to go through to our rates search page.

Each year through the Annual Plan process the Council determines how much in rates it needs to collect to deliver the services and projects for that year. That amount is then apportioned to each property within the District based on a formula that takes into account the expected use of the service or project. For example the cost of maintaining or upgrading the three wastewater treatment plants is borne by urban ratepayers while rural ratepayers bear more of the cost for maintain the large number of rural roads.

Do a rates search to find out the annual rates and property information for a property in the District.

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If you are thinking of buying a property you should consider getting a Land Information Memorandum (LIM). When you apply for a LIM Council staff will look through information that we hold about a property and put together a report with information about services, rates, natural hazards, and past building or resource consents.

Please note that the Council will provide you with the information that it has but cannot guarantee to provide you with all information about the property as there may be work that was done that Council does not have a record of.

For more information about LIMs have a look at our LIM brochure.
Download the LIM application form here.

Rates Rebates
Find out if you are eligible for a rates rebate here.

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