Update to the Register of Notable Trees

What is the Register of Notable Trees?

The Register of Notable Trees is Appendix 1.4 of the District Plan, a founding document of the district that manages the activities of people in a way that benefits the land, wider environment, and the community.

The Register includes records of the trees within the district that are deemed worthy of protection. Each tree registration record includes a unique reference number and details of the tree, such as species, postal address and a map reference.

The Register provides certainty to landowners, and all other district plan users about what (if any) trees are protected on a given site.


What is the proposed change?

The purpose of this Plan Change (#10) is to ensure that the Register is up to date and relevant for the district. Updates will account for trees that no longer exist, as well as new expert thinking about what makes a tree notable. 

The overall approach to tree protection within the District Plan is not proposed to change. The objectives and policies related to Notable Trees also remain unchanged.


Two key documents we are consulting on

Document one of two:  Register of notable trees in the South Wairarapa

Document two of of two:  Planning maps of notable trees in the South Wairarapa


Search for your Property

 (not formally part of Plan change 10)

Search for your property here:  Updated Searchable Database[XLS, 6MG]

This is a user friendly, searchable database that has additional information about the trees on properties in the South Wairarapa District. This includes the GPS references for most trees. This is not part of the District Plan itself, or the plan change. Other information that will assist in planning decision making will be added to this database over time to assist Council staff as well as ratepayers. This will continue to be freely available for ratepayers on swdc.govt.nz or a digital copy can be requested via email from one of the Planning staff members.


Have your Say - call for further submissions

Council are now calling for further submissions.  If you would like to make a further submission on the plan change to update the notable tree register, the submission period has now opened for further submissions.

Council has received 38 submissions in the first stage. As per the RMA process, we would like to let you know Council has made a summary of those submissions. This is available for you to read online below and a hard copy is available in each of the local libraries.

Whether you are a new submitter, or have previously written a submission, for Council to accept the further submission the content must only be about matters raised in the original submissions.

Public Notice
Submission form
Summary of submissions
Full submissions

Further submissions can be made by sending an electronic submission to planning@swdc.govt.nz, by posting to PO Box 6, Martinborough, or depositing it with one of the Council staff at Martinborough Council Office or with one of the Library staff by 4:30pm on Wednesday 3 July 2019.

Hearing date and Commissioner appointed

The hearing will be convened at the Greytown Library on Thursday 21st November 2019 8.30am.  The Commissioner's three Directions are contained in the following documents:

Direction 1
Direction 2
Direction 3

Commissioner appointed is Richard Knott. The Planner's recommendation report is attached here

Attachment for Section 42A report here 

Electronic links

1. PC10 – Original submissions and Further Submissions (PDF Cache)


2. PC10 – Section 32 Evaluation (PDF)


3. PC10 – Key Planning and Arborist advice documents (PDF)


4. STEM™ assessments (incl. Further Assessments) (PDF Cache)


PC10 - Addendum 1 Access database and Archives documents

https://www.dropbox.com/sh/9dmhubtatz5p4hc/AAB9MXhuJyi9uIxxveUrEWoza?dl=0https://www.dropbox.com/sh/9dmhubtatz5p4hc/AAB9MXhuJyi9uIxxveUrEWoza?dl=0 (PDF Cache)

Expert Evidence #1 Sarah Ongley
Expert Evidence #2 Lucy Cooper
Expert Evidence #3 Jeremy (Jez) Partridge


Further information


Contact at Council

Lou Brown, Planning Office, 06 306 9611, ext. 842; email: lou.brown@swdc.govt.nz

South Wairarapa District Council