Martinborough water outages 6 May–11 May – confirmed times

3 May 2019 - Important information for residents, business owners and visitors using town water supply

As you may already be aware, Council needs to carry out scouring and flushing of the Martinborough town water supply network, in preparation for temporary chlorination on 13 May.

Your property will have a 4-6 hour water outage while this work is carried out (see map and table below for when your outage will be).

The scouring and flushing is necessary to remove existing deposits of biofilm and sediment in the town pipes before chlorine is added to the water, in order to minimise water discolouration once chlorine is added.

We apologise for the inconvenience; however, these outages are necessary to lift the boil water notice. We look forward to being able to advise the likely date of this – in the meantime, please continue to boil water.

Town zones and water outage schedule

The work is being completed in zones, with one zone being completed each day. See the map below to find out which zone your property is in, and the table over the page for zone descriptions and confirmed timing of your water outage.

Map: town zones

Table: outage schedule



Affected streets include

Monday 6 May

10 am to 4 pm


New York St up to #88 (Regent St) & New York St West. Princess St from corner New York to Kitchener St

Tuesday 7 May

10 am to 4 pm


Nelson Rd, #39-74 Princess St, Ponatahi Rd, Huangarua Rd, Puruatanga Rd. Omarere Rd, #57 and above Cambridge Rd, #131-210 Regent St (Regent St from corner New York St & Puruatanga Rd)

Wednesday 8 May

12 noon to 6 pm


Jellicoe St from Memorial Square to Venice St, Venice St & Naples St from Jellicoe St, Princess St from crnr Dublin St to Kitchener St, Panama St, Broadway, Ohio St, Kitchener St, Strasbourg St from Princess St to Cambridge Rd, Kansas St from Memorial Square to Strasbourge, Memorial Square from Wairarapa Winemaker Services around to back of P&K, including Texas St from Square to Ohio St.

Thursday 9 May

10 am to 4 pm


Grey St, Weld St, Waka Lane, Roberts St from Weld St to Grey St, Ferry Rd, French St, Daniel St, Esther St, Campbell Drive, Cottage Grove, Pinot Grove, Jellicoe St from Grey St and above, Lake Ferry Rd, Regent St from Daniel to Esther St, Hawkins Dr

Friday 10 May

12 noon to 6 pm


Malcolm St, Jellicoe St from Venice St to corner of Malcolm St, Regent St from Oxford St to Daniel St, Venice St from Regent St to Jellicoe St, Naples St from Regent St to Jellicoe St, Oxford St from Regent St to Memorial Square, Strasbourge St from Regent St to Memorial Sq, Cologne St, Cambridge Rd from Memorial Square to New York St, Texas St from Square to Strasbourge, Kansas St from Square to Naples St, Sackville St, Cork St,  Suez St, Greenaway Pl, Radium St, Roberts St from Dublin St to Grey St, Dublin St up to Regent St and Dublin St West

Saturday 11 May

10 am to 4 pm


New York St from Todds Road to Regent St, Oxford St from Todds Road to Regent St, Todds Rd, Martinborough Estate & Golf Club, Dublin St from Regent to #18 Shooting Butts Rd, Cromarty Drive and Shooting Butts Rd (those on town water)

As part of the flushing process, we need to turn off the water tobies (or valves) to prevent discoloured water from entering pipes going into properties. Some tobies become overgrown over time. If Council has not been able to find your toby, you will have received an additional communication about this.

Important instructions

·         If you have a medical dependence on water, please get in contact with Jackie Buckley on 06 306 9611 x 831 immediately.

·         If you need water during this period, please fill up suitable containers from your taps before the water is turned off (remember you still need to boil this water before drinking, food preparation and brushing teeth)

·         Try not to use the hot taps while the water is off. The hot water cylinder may be damaged if the water level gets too low.

·         Do not use washing machines, automatic dishwashers, or other appliances that use water during the shut-off period as they may be damaged if used without water. Please check water is back on before using any machine.

·         You can use your toilet, but the flush will not work because the cistern will not refill while your water is turned off. Portaloos will be available at a few locations within the town – details will be available on the Council website.

·         If you have an elderly or vulnerable neighbour, please check on them before the outage to ensure they know that it’s happening and understand the instructions above.

Turning taps on again

While it is expected that each zone will be completed in 4-6 hours, your water may be turned back on sooner. To check on status you should check on our website here.

When the supply is turned back on, the water from your tap may be discoloured. Please run an outside tap until the water runs clear before using it, this should take a few minutes. 

If you have any questions about this temporary interruption of water supply, please contact Council on 06 306 9611, ext 831 for Jackie Buckley or speak to the operator. 

Boil water until further notice

Please continue to boil all town supply water until we let you know the boil water notice is lifted.

How to boil water for drinking, food preparation and brushing teeth:

·         Bring water to a rolling boil (where bubbles appear in the centre and do not disappear when the water is stirred) for one minute or boil a full electric jug until it switches off

·         Cool water (do not use ice cubes to do this) and pour into clean container with a lid

·         Refrigerate until needed

·         Alternatively, you can boil a full electric jug until the automatic switch goes off.

For more information about this, including FAQs.

Jennie Mitchell
Acting CEO






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