Major Maintenance Works - Tora Farm Settlement Road Bridge

24 May 2019 
Tora Farm Settlement Road Bridge Major maintenance work will commence on the Tora Farm Settlement Road Bridge during the week beginning 4 June, and is expected to be completed by the end of June 2019.
During the course of the works there may be periods when the bridge is closed for vehicular traffic due to the presence of construction equipment on the bridge. Vehicular access will be available outside of the contractor’s working hours, which are 7am to 6:30pm on weekdays. No work will be undertaken on the bridge deck during weekends.
Pedestrian access will be possible during working hours, however people wishing to use the bridge must make contact with the on-site foreperson, and be accompanied by a Contractor’s representative while crossing the bridge. Please expect delays if works are at a stage where they cannot be interrupted.
The works involve the excavation, removal and replacement of the southern abutment structure, and the driving of two new steel piles into the riverbed close to the southern riverbank in order to replace the existing timber piles. A new steel crossbeam will be installed to support the bridge beams.
The replacement of the southern abutment will be the first activity to be undertaken.
The driving of the replacement piles into the riverbed will not commence until 1 June 2019, due to the spawning of whitebait.
If you have any enquiries please contact Calibre, the company carrying out the work, on (06) 378 7677.  

South Wairarapa District Council