Dog Registration Information
Dog Registration Form (two pages)
Dog Registration Fees

South Wairarapa District Council encourages and rewards responsible dog ownership.  All dogs are required to be registered with the Council.  Registration fees are lower for dogs that have been spayed or neutered.  
Dog registrations are due by 31 July 2020.  Penalties will apply after that date.

If you see dogs (or any other animals) wandering in public places, please contact Council on 06 306 9611 (24 hours).

A Dog Owner's Reponsibilities

Register your dog
Keep your dog under control at all times.
Dogs must be on a leash in urban areas.
Carry a leash when you are in rural areas.
Ensure your dog receives proper care, food, water, shelter and exercise.
Clean up after your dog in public areas.
Make sure your dog does not injure, endanger, intimidate or distress anyone.
Accept liability for any damage your dog does.
Muzzle your dog in public if it is known to be aggressive.
Comply with Council's bylaws.


Register and Micro-chip Your Dog

All dogs over 3 months must be registered with Council.
All dogs registered for the first time must be micro-chipped (except working dogs).
All dogs classed as dangerous or menacing must be micro-chipped, regardless of when they were first registered.
Register your dog before 31 July every year.
Registration tags must be attached to the dog’s collar at all times.
Dogs found with no registration tags will be taken to the pound.
Unregistered dogs can be seized and you could be prosecuted or fined.


Dog obedience
We highly recommend going to a dog obedience class. Your dog will get better socialised, and you will learn tips on how to control your dog. There are several providers in the Wairarapa for classes or individual lessons.
Places for dogs to play
Dogs must be leashed while walking on urban streets and under control at all times in any off-leash areas or rural areas.
Off leash exercise areas: Featherston has an off leash dog exercise area at the corner of Harrison Street West and Johnston Street (next to the train station), Martinborough at the Roberts Street paper road (at the Weld Street intersection) and Greytown on the corner of Pierce and Cotter Streets Greytown (next to the Recycling Station). They are completely fenced, have water troughs, bins, and even some complimentary dog-poo bags so you can help us keep it clean.  They are great places to socialise dogs and meet other dog owners.
Places where dogs are prohibited
All children’s play areas, sports grounds, and coastal camping areas.
The pound
Dogs that are roaming, waiting to be re-homed, or are found un-injured are taken to the pound by Council’s Bylaw Officers. They are professionals who ensure the dogs are cared for and fed while in the pound. Current tags and microchips help the officers locate the owners as soon as possible.
The South Wairarapa District Pound is on Johnston Street in Featherston, right after the transfer station.
Pound fees – if your dog has been taken to the pound you will have to pay a fee to release the dog: Contact the Bylaw Officers or ring 306 9611 to arrange for the release of the dog.  Our Schedule of Fees includes pound fees.
Dog Attacks
Any person who is attacked, or who sees a dog attacking a person, animal or bird, may either seize or destroy the dog. This may mean taking action while the attack is happening. Destruction should only be considered if seizing is not an option. You must not first seize and then destroy a dog.
How do I report an attack?
Contact us confidentially at 06 306 9611 (24 hours).  You will be asked to provide:
Time and date
Your details
Exact location of the incident
A description of the offending dog (colour, breed, size, sex, tag number)
Address of dog if known
Where did you last see the dog?
Did you speak to the dog’s owner?
Details of any witnesses
Did the dog cause injury to a person or animal?
Is a vet or doctor’s report available?
Any photos of the injuries (recommended)
A signed statement from you and any other witnesses

New Zealand Institute of Animal Management website

The Insitute has a great website with advice on on dog training, dog bite education, dog rules, livestock rules and where you can find help if needed. See .

Can I pay part year fees?
If you got your dog midway through the registration year (1 July-30 June) you can pay for the months remaining.
Can I get a replacement tag?
Yes, a replacement tag costs $8.00.
How many dogs can I have?
You can have two dogs per property in the urban area and more than two in the rural area. You can apply for a licence to keep more than two in the urban area. Contact Bylaw Officers for more information or ring 06 306 9611.
I’ve lost my dog.  What do I do?
Ring the Bylaw Officers on 06 306 9611 (24 hours) to see if it has already been picked up and to let the bylaws officers know to keep an eye out for it.
My dog has died. Can I get a refund of my registration fees?
Yes, you need to provide confirmation to the Bylaws Officers and they will refund the remaining months on your registration from the date that your dog dies.
What is micro-chipping?
A microchip is the size of a grain of rice permanently implanted under the skin between the shoulder blades that helps identify your dog.  The microchip carries a unique number that can be read by a scanner.  Talk to your vet to schedule a micro-chipping appointment.
What are the benefits of micro-chipping?
If your dog is lost or stolen, micro-chips allow it to be easily identified anywhere in NZ so you’ll be reunited with your dog quickly.
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