Council Projects and Open Consultations

Council Key Projects

Martinborough Community Centre (Waihinga Centre)
A project to strengthen the Town Hall and create a community hub

Featherston Wastewater Ponds

Wastewater Treatment
A project to implement the best environmental but affordable solution to dispose of community sewerage

Martinborough water - towards resilience

Action is being taken to install a mangansese removal plant to ensure clean, clear, safe and secure water for the town. The town is currently being supplied water from only one bore, the one with the lowest levels of manganese.


Council Consultations

Annual Plan 2020/2021

The Annual Plan refreshes information and budgets in the Long Term Plan, including the setting of rates, fees and charges for the year ahead. Starting on 24 April, we will be sharing with you our ideas and giving you an opportunity to have your say. Consultation opens 24 April and closes 24 May.

South Wairarapa Spatial Plan - Discussion

How do you want South Wairarapa to look in the future? What is strategically important for growth in our district? Where should development occur? What areas should be protected? These are the important questions we want your input on to develop a spatial plan for the District. Phase 1 feedback has now closed. The Draft Spatial Plan will be available for consultation later in the year. 

Updated Register of Notable Trees

Consultation on the Updated Register of Notable Trees (Appendix 1.4 of the District Plan) has now closed.

Click on the link above for more information.

Private Plan Change Request & Resource Consent Application for the Orchards Retirement Village, Greytown

SWDC has accepted a request for a Private Plan Change to the Wairarapa Combined District Plan and received a Resource Consent Application from The Orchards Limited Partnership. Submissions are open until 29 May.

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