Council Agenda and Minutes 2020/2021

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Meeting Date Agenda Minutes 
17 March 2021 Agenda Minutes
10 February 2021 Agenda Minutes


Meeting Date Agenda Minutes 
17 December 2020 Agenda Minutes
Mtg Video
25 November 2020 Agenda
B1-CB&Cttee Minutes
- MCB Minutes (tabled)
B2-P&R Report
B3-WLS Report
C1-Regional Growth [PDF 6.2mb]
C2-MSC Appt
C3-Ctte Commns Plan
D1-3 Waters Reform
D2-Action Items
E1-Mayors Report (tabled)

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28 October 2020 Agenda
B1-Schedule of Mtgs [PDF 1.1mb]
B2-Waste Mins Bylaw [PDF 2.2mb]
C1-Shared Services [PDF 1.1mb]
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14 October 2020 Agenda
B1-CB/Ctte Minutes [PDF 1.2mb]
B2-A&S Report
C1-Innovating Streets [PDF 1.9mb]
C2-Water Race Review
C3-District Plan Ctte TOR
C4-DLC Commissioner
D1-Action Items
E1-Mayor's Report [PDF 2.8mb]
F1-Member Report
Mtg Video
2 September 2020 Agenda
B1-CB/Ctte Minutes [PDF 1.6mb]
B2 FAR Report
B3-P&R Report
B4 A&S Report
C1-Dark Sky [PDF 2.4mb]
C2-Ctte Appts
C3-Positive Ageing
D1-Community Wellbeing [PDF 1.4mb]
D2-Mba Wastewater
D3-Water Leak Detection
D4-Action Items
E1-Mayor's Report
Mtg Video
19 August 2020 (extraordinary) Agenda [PDF 3.1mb]
Extraordinary item
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22 July 2020 Agenda
B1-CB/Ctte Minutes [PDF 1.9mb]
B2-FAR Report
B3-P&R Report
C1-MSC Appt
C2-Road Stopping
C3-Representation Review (tabled)
D1-Naming of New Rd [PDF 1.1mb]
D2-Action Items
E1-Mayor's Report
E1-Tabled info
Mtg Audio
Minutes PE
30 June 2020 (Annual Plan) Agenda
B1 AP Adoption Report (tabled)
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23 June 2020 (AP Deliberations Continued, extraordinary) Agenda
3.1 Supporting Information (tabled)
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17 June 2020 (AP Deliberations Continued, extraordinary) Agenda
Tabled Information
Mtg VideoPt1
Mtg VideoPt2
10 June 2020 and 11 June 2020 (AP Hearing) Agenda
4.1 Annual Plan Report (tabled) 
Submissions 1 - 544 [6.6mb]
Submissions 545 - 961 [6.4mb]
Submission 962
10 JuneMinutes
11 JuneMinutes

Mtg Video
(10 June)

Mtg Video
(11 June)

3 June 2020 (moved from 10 June) Agenda
B1-CB Minutes
B2-Recommendations from CBs
B3-Recommendations from Cttees
C1-Dog Control Fees
C2-Tobin Stopbank [2.4mb]
C3-Execution of Common Seal
D1-Action Items Report
E1-Chairperson Report
20 May 2020 (extraordinary, via video conference) Agenda
B1-Wairarapa Recovery Governance
B2-Emergency Arrangements Review [1.1mb]
Mtg Summary

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29 April 2020 (via video conference) Agenda
A6-Extraordinary [4.3mb]
B1-Spatial Planning [1.6mb]
B2-Liquefaction [1.1mb]
B3-Carkeek Observatory [3.7mb] (tabled)
B4-Rates Relief COVID-19 (tabled)
C1-Financial Report [1.7mb]

Mtg Summary

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22 April 2020 (via video conference) Agenda

Mtg Summary

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25 March 2020 (emergency) Agenda Minutes
Decision Delegation Tree

18 March 2020

A7-Extraordinary Business - Urgent Procurement
B1-CB & Ctte Minutes
     - MCB Minutes
B2-CB Recommendations
B3-Ctte Recommendations
C1-Fstn Wastewater
C2-Grant Applications
C3-Council Appointments
C4-Spatial Plan
C5-Local Governance Statement
C6-Triennial Agreement
D1-Action Items
E1-Mayors Report
5 February 2020 Agenda
A7-Extraordinary Business
-Triennial Agreement
-Mba Wastewater Discharge
B1-Minutes [2.7mb]
B2-Ctte Recommendations
C1-Financial Delegations [1.3mb]
C2-FAR Ctte TOR [1.5mb]
C3-Shared Services Funding [1.3mb] (tabled)
C4-Dog Control Delegations
C5-Road Naming, Kahutara Rd [1.5mb]
C6-Dark Sky Reserve [1.3mb]
C7-Road Vesting with Council
C8-Notable Trees (to be tabled)
D1-Mayor's Report
D1App2 Wgtn Water Ctte

South Wairarapa District Council