Council Agenda and Minutes 2018

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Meeting Date Agenda Minutes 
21 February 2018 Agenda
B1-CB Minutes (1mb)
- MSC Minutes (tabled)
C1-Logo TOR
C2-Resolution DC2017/127 Amendment
C3-Policy Reviews
C4-Rates Policies Reviews
D1-P&E Report
D2-I&S Report (2.3mb)
D3-CE Report
D4-Action Items
E1-Mayor's Report
E2-Cr Reports (tabled)
PE Minutes
21 March 2018 (extraordinary meeting) Agenda
B1-LTP Docs & CD Report

B1-App 1 Supporting Docs (5mb)
B1-App 2 Supporting Docs
B1-App 3 Supporting Docs
B1-App 4 Supporting Docs
B1-App 5 Suporting Docs 
B1-App 6 Supporting Docs
B1-App 7 Consultation Doc 
B1-App 8 Timeline 
B2-Funding Application (1mb)
B3-Road Naming, Mba (1mb)
B4-Climate Change TOR

PE Minutes

4 April 2018 Agenda
B1-CB Minutes
C1-Road Naming, Gtn
C2-Common Seal
D1-P&E Report
D2-I&S Report (1.9mb)
D3-CE Report
D4-Action Items
D5-Proposed Campground
E1-Mayor's Report (1.1mb)
14-16 May 2018 (LTP Submission Hearings) Agenda
Submissions 1-27 (8.7mb)
Submissions 28-62 (9.5mb)
Submissions 63-85 (10.5mb)
Submissions 86-103 (6.6mb)
Submissions 104-118 (9.9mb)
Submissions 119-136 (6.4mb)
Submissions 137-147 (9.9mb)
Submissions 148-164 (10.6mb)
Submissions 165-181 (7.7mb)

Submission 182
5 LTP 18/28 Report
Submissions Summary (consulted on)
Submissions Summary (not consulted on)
Minutes (1.8mb)
16 May 2018 Agenda
A11-Notice of Motion
B1-CB Minutes
C1-Cotter Street (withdrawn)
C2-LGNZ Remit
D1-P&E Report
D2-I&S Report
D3-CEO Report (1.9mb)
D4-Actions Report
E1-Mayor's Report (tabled)
F1-Cr Reports
21 May 2018  (LTP deliberations cont) Agenda Minutes (1.8mb)
29 May 2018 (extraordinary) Agenda Minutes (1.8mb)
6 June 2018 (extraordinary) Agenda & Report Minutes
27 June 2018 Agenda
A12-Notice of Motion
B1-CB Minutes
B2-Water Race Users
B3-I&P Working Party (tabled)
C1a-LTP Supporting Docs (tabled)
C1b-Adoption of LTP (tabled)
App1-LTP 18/28 (tabled)
C2-Fstn Independent Review (tabled)
C3-Ngawi Food Caravan
C4-Gtn Structure Plan (3.3mb)
C5-DLC Member Extension
C6-Common Seal
C7-Rd Naming Wharekauhau (1.2mb)
C8-LGNZ Remits
C9-Fstn Bus Stop (tabled)
D1-P&E Report
D2-I&S Report (1.5mb)
D3-CE Report (1.2mb)
D4-Actions Report
D5-Mba Growth Area (3.5mb)
E1-Mayor's Report (4.4mb)

F1-Cr Reports
8 August 2018
(venue: Greytown Town Centre)
A3-Swearing in Cr Vickery
A11-Notice of Motion
B1-CB Minutes
B2-Logo Working Party (1.4mb)
C1-Apps for Funding (4.2mb)
C2-Gtn Structure Plan (3.3mb)
C3-Notable Trees
C4-Community Housing
C5-Representation Review
C6-Fraud & Acquisition & Disposal of Land Policies
C7-Grants Policy
C8-Common Seal
C9-Accommodation Wkg Party
C10-Road Naming Gtn (2.5mb)
C11-MSC Nominations
C12-S17A Roading Review (2.6mb)
C13-Members Determination
D1-P&E Report
D2-I&S Report (1.4mb)
D3-CE Report
D4-Actions Report
E1-Mayor's Report
F1&F2-Cr Reports
G1-Council Appts (DW)
19 September 2018
(venue: Kiwi Hall)
B1-CB Minutes
C1-Apps for Funding (1.7mb)
C2-Acquisition & Disposal of Land Policy
C3-Risk Policy
C4-Toast Liquor Ban (2.0mb)
C5-Local Alcohol Policy
C6-Cotter Street
C7-Roading Activities (2.5mb)
C8-Airtel Shares (to be tabled)
C9-MSC TOR (withdrawn)
D1-P&E Report
D2-I&S Report (1.6mb)
D3-CE Report
D4-Actions Report
E1-Mayor's Report
E2-Governance Review (1.6mb)
F1&F2-Cr Reports
-F2 Attachment
-E1-F2 Tabled Documents
PE Minutes
24 October 2018 (venue -  Council Chambers) Agenda
B1-FCB Recommendations
B2-CB Minutes
-MSC Minutes
B3-Logo Working Party (to be tabled)
C1-Adopt. of Annual Report
C2-2019 Calendar
C3-Release of PE Info
C4-Acquisition & Disposal
C5-Naming of Roads
D1-P&E Report
D2-I&S Report (2.4mb)
D3-CE Report
D4-Actions Report
E1-Mayor's Report
F1-Crs Reports
G1-Appts:  Dest Wairarapa
24 October 2018 (Representation Review Hearing: Venue - Council Chambers) Agenda (4.4mb) Minutes
21 November 2018 (Extraordinary:  Venue - Council Chambers) Agenda 
B1-Fstn Town Centre
B2-Fstn Wastewater
B3-Wgtn Water Shareholding
B4-Resolution Change
C1-Mayor's Report
12 December 2018
(Venue - WBS Room, Greytown)
B1-CB Minutes
C1-Financial Assistance(3mb)
C2-Notable Trees (5mb)
C3-Mba South Growth (2mb)
C4-Dublin St West
C5-Rd Name Correction
C6-Dog Control Policy
C7-Shift Foundation
C8-WED Strategy
C9-MSC Nominiation
C10-WLS Fees (to be tabled)
D1-P&E Report
D2-I&S Report (1mb)
D3-CE Report (2.4mb)
D4-Action Items
D5-Waihinga Centre
E1-Mayor's Report
F1-Cr Reports
PE Minutes

South Wairarapa District Council