Climate Change

Welcome to the Climate Change home on our website. The content here will expand and grow as we increase our focus and capability in this important area. This is just the beginning.

Ruamāhanga Climate Change Strategy

The Ruamāhanga Climate Change Strategy was released in July 2020 (see media release). It was developed jointly by South Wairarapa and Carterton District Councils and sets out the councils’ greenhouse gas emissions and the actions they will take in the course of their daily operations to reduce them.

For greenhouse gas inventories for other territorial authorities in the Wellington Region, visit Greater Wellington Regional Council's website.

Educational resources

Below you will find links to information aimed at helping our communities take action towards mitigating climate change. These resources were developed jointly with Carterton District Council for release during Global Climate Change Week (14-20 October 2019). The information can be viewed online or downloaded as individual PDF handouts.


  1. What is Climate Change? Click here Or Download PDF
  2. What are the impacts of Climate Change for the Wairarapa? Click here or Download PDF
  3. What are Climate Change Mitigation and Climate Change Adaptation? Click here or Download PDF
  4. How can I reduce my greenhouse gas emissions? - Waste Click here or Download PDF
  5. How can I reduce my greenhouse gas emissions? - Save energy and fuel Click here or Download PDF
  6. How can I reduce my greenhouse gas emissions? - Consumption choices - Click here or Download PDF
  7. How can I increase carbon sinks? - Click here or Download PDF

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