How can I reduce my greenhouse gas emissions? Save energy and fuel

In the last section, we saw that reducing waste is one of the best solutions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Today we will see that saving energy and electricity is another easy and cheap way to mitigate Climate Change.

Save energy

  • turn off the lights when you leave a room,
  • turn your appliances off (TV, computers, etc.) when not in use,
  • regularly clean your fridge and freezer,
  • dry your clothes outside instead of using the dryer.

Not only you help mitigate Climate Change but you will also save money!

And if you want to  make an investment for the sake of the climate, you could use LED lights (#33*) or even have a smart thermostat for your heat pump (#42). Also, check out your electricity company, some are using electricity coming from 100% renewable energy! It may be time for a change.

Save fuel

  • If you are doing less than 1km, maybe you could walk or take a bike?
  • If less than 5km, you can reach your destination in about 20 minutes by using a bike! You have an e-bike, you could go even further.
  • We are lucky to have public transport in Wairarapa. Check their website to see how convenient and much cheaper it might be to use public transport instead of using your car.
  • What about carpooling? Ask your neighbours or workmates if they want to share a ride.

If you don’t have another choice but to use your car, there are a few ways to reduce you fuel consumption:

  • Check your tyre pressure regularly,
  • Don’t keep junk in the boot or on the roof of your car,
  • Get your car serviced regularly,
  • Drive at a consistent and smooth speed around town; look ahead and anticipate when to brake and keep a good space behind the car in front,
  • Try not to use the A/C or open the window when driving fast.

You could save up to 8% fuel with these simple actions.

Do you want to go further?

  • Consider buying an EV (Electric Vehicle) (#26),
  • Consider better house insulation (#31),
  • Consider solar installation for your power (#38).

* # = These numbers are the solution ranked for Climate Change mitigation - Project drawdown,

South Wairarapa District Council