How can I reduce my greenhouse gas emissions? Consumption choices

In this section, we will see a third way to reduce your greenhouse gas emission. You can make a difference with your consumption choice. Bellow are some ideas to consider.

Food consumption

  • Adopt a plant-rich diet (#4),
  • Prefer locally and seasonal produced food or even better have a vege garden at home,
  • Avoid single-use items (straws, cups, plastic plate, plastic bags, etc).


  • Buy more consciously (for example choose sustainable goods),
  • Buy less and better,
  • Don’t buy a new item unless your previous one is not usable anymore (phone, tablet,…),
  • Consider the energy star rating when buying a new appliance,
  • Avoid buying excessive packaged items.

How can I reduce my greenhouse gas emissions?

- Stay informed and spread the word -

Stay informed


Spread the word

  • Speak about Climate Change all around you.

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