How can I increase carbon sinks?

In the last three sections, we saw easy ways to reduce your greenhouse gas emissions. But, you can also increase carbon sinks.

What is a carbon sink?

Processes which take CO2 from the atmosphere and store it are known as carbon sinks. The step of removing the carbon from the atmosphere is known as carbon sequestration and once stored, it is known as a carbon reservoir (Source:

Forests and wetlands are good carbon sinks.

Actions done by residents, farmers, etc.

There are already plenty of examples where locals have done a great job in restoring or preserving trees and wetlands.

A lot of farmers are doing riparian restoration and plant a lot of native plants. These projects help a lot towards Climate Change by catching the greenhouse gases emitted in the atmosphere.

Even planting a few trees in your backyard is positive. Not only it is good for the climate but also for you: isn’t it nice to have native birds coming back around your house to feed on flaxes or Cabbage trees?

And if you don’t have a backyard or it is too small you could be part of planting projects held by community group (e.g. South Wairarapa Biodiversity Group).

‘One billion Trees’ Programme

‘Right tree in the right place for right purposes’

The government holds the ‘One billion Trees’ Programme. This programme aims to increase tree planting across New Zealand and reach one billion trees planted by 2028. Landowners, organisations, and community groups can apply for funding and grants.


South Wairarapa District Council