Equal Employment Opportunities (EEO) Policy

The Equal Employment Opportunities Policy was first adopted on 29 June 2009 and is periodically reviewed.  The policy states that the South Wairarapa District Council is committed to the principles of equal employment opportunities (EEO) and being a good employer.  It will work with and support management in implementing EEO principles so that they receive acceptance at all levels and throughout the Council.

Council will:

  • Ensure that recruitment and promotion processes are in keeping with EEO principles and are on merit.
  • Ensure that all job descriptions, advertisements, specifications, reports and other Council documentation are non-sexist, non-racist and do not discriminate against people with disabilities or against age.
  • Monitor all qualification requirements to ensure that these do not exclude some groups from consideration.
  • Review all work and physical arrangements to ensure these do not impede the employment of people with disabilities or on the basis of gender or age.
  • Foster a positive climate in the workplace, which appreciates a diversity of background and individual contribution, and encourages employees to develop their potential.
  • Develop and encourage training opportunities to promote EEO.
  • Identify and provide appropriate training programmes to enable employees to best meet the requirements of their current jobs and to develop additional skills with a view to future promotion opportunities.
  • Ensure compliance with the Health and Safety in Employment Act in all areas of Council's operations.


South Wairarapa District Council