Assests and Services Committee

The Assets and Services Committee provides advice and recommendations to Council regarding the strategic management of council assets, monitors major Council projects that are of a nature which pose significant risk or high community impact, and aligns Council's management of assets and infrastructure to its long term strategic objectives.

The Assets and Services Committee is comprised of six councillors, including the Chair, with a minimum of one councillor per ward. The Chair of each community board and the Chair of the Māori Standing Committee may attend as non-voting attendees and participate in debate.

South Wairarapa District Council membership

  • Cr Brian Jephson (Chair)
  • Cr Rebecca Fox
  • Cr Alistar Plimmer
  • Cr Garrick Emms
  • Cr Pip Maynard
  • Cr Ross Vickery
  • Mayor Alex Beijen (ex-officio)

Terms of Reference

Terms of Reference for the Assets and Services Committee

South Wairarapa District Council