2019 Election Expenses and Returns

All candidates for the South Wairarapa District Council 2019 Triennial Elections must file a return of electoral donations and expenses.

The table below includes the returns of each candidate current to 16 December 2019

Position Candidate
Mayor Beijen, Alex
Mayor Farr, Graham
Mayor Harwood, Dayle
Mayor Napier, Viv
Featherston Ward Emms, Garrick
Featherston Ward Olds, Colin
Featherston Ward Vickery, Ross
Featherston Ward West, Brenda
Greytown Ward Fox, Rebecca
Greytown Ward Hay, Leigh
Greytown Ward Plimmer, Alistair
Greytown Ward Woodgyer, Warren
Martinborough Ward Colenso, Pamela
Martinborough Ward Geisler, Daphne
Martinborough Ward Jephson, Brian
Martinborough Ward Maynard, Phillippa
Featherston Community Board Freya, Indigo
Greytown Community Board Gray, Graeme
Greytown Community Board Rainford, Ann
Greytown Community Board Symes, Shelley
Martinborough Community Board Ellims, Aidan
Martinborough Community Board Fenwick, Nathan
Martinborough Community Board Hobden, Penny
Martinborough Community Board Honey, Michael
Martinborough Community Board Maynard, Melanie
Martinborough Community Board McKeown, Peter
Martinborough Community Board Wall, Alex
Greytown Trust Lands Trust Bell, Matthew
Greytown Trust Lands Trust Holden, Philip
Greytown Trust Lands Trust Regnault, Wayne


South Wairarapa District Council