2016 Election Returns and Expenses

All candidates for the South Wairarapa District Council 2016 Triennial Elections must file a return of electoral donations and expenses.

The table below includes the returns of each candidate current to 15 December 2016.

Position Candidate
Mayoralty FOX, Sue
Mayoralty HAYES, John
Mayoralty HIGGINSON, Graham
Mayoralty MELLISH, Rebecca
Mayoralty NAPIER, Viv
Martinborough Ward ARNDELL, Alice
Martinborough Ward COLENSO, Pam
Martinborough Ward FREETH, Martin
Martinborough Ward HUNTER, Robert 1, 2
Martinborough Ward JEPHSON, Brian
Martinborough Ward MAYNARD, Phillippa
Martinborough Ward TE MAARI, Terrence
Martinborough Ward TIPOKI, Mary
Martinborough Ward WALL, Alexander 1, 2
Martinborough Ward WHITTEN, Gregory
Greytown Ward AMMUNSON, Paora
Greytown Ward CRAIG, Margaret
Greytown Ward DAVIES, Dean
Greytown Ward GILBERTHORPE, John
Greytown Ward WRIGHT, Colin
Featherston Ward BLEAKLEY, Claire
Featherston Ward CAMERON, Robert
Featherston Ward CARTER, Lee
Featherston Ward HARWOOD, Dayle
Featherston Ward LOVE, Peter Maru
Featherston Ward OLDS, Colin
Featherston Ward ROBERTS, Peter
Greytown Community Board GRAY, Michael
Greytown Community Board HAY, Leigh
Greytown Community Board RAINFORD, Ann
Greytown Community Board RICHARDS, Mike
Greytown Community Board STEER, Jerome
Greytown Community Board STEVENSON, Christine
Featherston Community Board BLEAKLEY, Claire
Featherston Community Board CAMERON, Perry
Featherston Community Board RAMSDEN, Robyn
Featherston Community Board SHEPHERD, Mark
Featherston Community Board WEST, Brenda
Greytown District Trust Lands All expenses
Featherston Bye Election July 2018 All expenses



South Wairarapa District Council