SWDC Representation Review 2018

The Local Electoral Act requires local authorities to carry out a review of their representation arrangements at least once every six years. Representation reviews are defined by the Local Electoral Act 2001 as reviews of the representation arrangements for a local authority. Those arrangements include:

  • The number of councillors to be elected to the Council;
  • Whether councillors are elected by wards or by the district as a whole (or a mixture of both systems);
  • If elected by wards, the number, boundaries and names of these wards and the number of councillors that will represent them; and
  • Whether to have community boards, and if so how many, their boundaries and membership.

Statement of Proposal
Ward Boundaries
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The hearing will be held on the 24 October 2018, we will contact you to arrange a time to speak.

Representation Questions

An option is to elect councillors at large.

(currently four)