Policies, Plans and Bylaws

The following Policies, Plans, Reports and Bylaws are provided in pdf format.

District Plan
Wairarapa Combined District Plan:  Volume 1 Plan
Wairarapa Combined District Plan:  Volume 2 Maps 
Wairarapa Maps

Council Annual and Long Term Plans
2012/22 Long Term Plan (LTP website disclosure notice)
2012/22 Long Term Plan Summary of Information
2013/14 Annual Plan
2013/14 Annual Plan Summary of Information
2014/15 Annual Plan
2014/15 Annual Plan Summary of Information
2015/25 Long Term Plan
2015/25 Long Term Plan Consultation Document
2016/17 Annual Plan
2016/17 Annual Plan Consultation Document
2017/18 Consultation Document (3.9mb)
2017/18 Supporting Documentation (2.8mb)

Council Annual Reports
Annual Report 2012/13 or Summary Annual Report 2012/13
Annual Report 2013/14 or Summary Annual Report 2013/14
Annual Report 2014/15 or Summary Annual Report 2014/15
Annual Report 2015/16 or Summary Annual Report 2015/16

Management, Development and Concept Plans
Card and Market Reserves Management Plan
Clifford Square Reserve Management Plan (6.49MB)
Featherston Town Centre Concept Plans

Centennial and Considine Park Management Plan
Centennial and Considine Park Development Plan
Martinborough Square Reserve Management Plan
Martinborough Square Reserve Development Plan (3.67MB)
Martinborough Town Hall Conservation Plan

Greytown Old Library/Kouka Cottage Conservation & Maintenance Plan (4.78MB)
Greytown Town Centre Management Plan
Soldiers Memorial Park Management Plan
Stella Bull Park Management Plan
Stella Bull Park Development Plan

Lake Domain Development Plan
Lake Domain Landscape Development Plan 
Rural Reserves Management Plan
Coastal Reserves Management Plan Part 1 (7.6MB) - Part 2 (5.6MB)
Coastal Reserves Development Plans:
     North Tora Campground
     Te Awaiti Campground
     South Tora Campground
     Ngawi Campground

Consolidated Bylaws
Part 1 - Introduction
Part 2 - Public Places
Part 3 - Trading in Public Places
Part 4 - Solid Waste
Part 5 - Water Supply
Part 6 - Fires in the Open Air
Part 8 - Animals, Poultry and Bee Keeping
Part 9 - Cemeteries and Crematoria
Part 11 - Wastewater Drainage
Part 12 - Trade Waste
Part 13 - Traffic
Part 14 - Speed
Part 15 - Beauticians, Nail Technicians, Tattooists and Skin Piercers
Part 16 - Food Safety

Other Bylaws
Camping in Coastal Areas 2009 (Amended 2013)
Prostitution Bylaw 2009
South Wairarapa Liquor Control Bylaw 2011
Featherston Liquor Bylaw 2011
Moroa Water Race Bylaw 2007
Longwood Water Race Bylaw 1936
Water Race Code of Practice
Dog Control Bylaw 2013

Council Policies
Acquisition and Disposal of Property
Artwork Policy - Greytown Town Centre
Coastal Erosion Policy
Code of Conduct for Councillors and Community Board Members
Common Seal Policy
Community Groups Use of and Access to Council Parks and Reserves Policy
Community Housing Policy
Conferences, Seminars and Training Policy
Concessions for Charitable and Like Community Organisations and Groups
Consultation Policy
Control of Dogs Policy 2013
Council and Committees
Council Facilities Hire Policy
Dangerous and Insanitary Buildings Policy
Earthquake Prone Buildings Policy
Easter Sunday Shop Trading Policy and Shop Trading Hours Amendment Bill
Equal Employment Opportunity
Financial Contributions Policy
Financial Delegation Policy
Fraud Policy
Gambling Venues Policy 2016
Graffiti Management and Prevention Policy
Grants Policy
Health and Safety Policy
Hire of Council Facilities Policy
Irrigation of Key Council Assets Policy
Infectious Disease and Pandemic Policy
Infrastructure Protection Deposits
Investment Policy
IT Policy
Leasing of Property Policy
Liability and Managment Policy
Local Approved Products Policy (Psychoactive Substances Act 2013)
Naming of Public & Private Roads and Rights of Way Policy
Pain Farm Income Distribution Policy
Postponement of Rates
Procuring Goods and Services Policy
Promotion Publicity and Media Liaison
Remission of Rates
Remission and Postponement of Rates on Maori Freehold Land
Revenue and Financing Policy
Risk Policy
Significance and Engagement Policy
Smoke Free Environment Policy
Street Days, Appeals & Raffles Policy
TAB Board Venues Policy 2016
Terms of Reference Community Boards
Terms of Reference for Council Groups
Town Water Supply Policy
Water by Meter Leak Write-off Policy
Waste Water Disposal Policy
Urban Street Tree Policy

Library Policy
Care of Children in Libraries Policy
Cataloguing and Classification Policy
Charging Policy
Complaints Policy
Copyright Policy
Customer Code of Conduct
Friends Policy
Fundraising and Donations Policy
Housebound Policy
Interloans Policy
Internet Access Policy
Membership Policy
Privacy Policy
School Holiday Programme Policy