Update to the Register of Notable Trees

What is the Register of Notable Trees?

The Register of Notable Trees is Appendix 1.4 of the District Plan, a founding document of the district that manages the activities of people in a way that benefits the land, wider environment, and the community.

The Register includes records of the trees within the district that are deemed worthy of protection. Each tree registration record includes a unique reference number and details of the tree, such as species, postal address and a map reference.

The Register provides certainty to landowners, and all other district plan users about what (if any) trees are protected on a given site.


What is the proposed change?

The purpose of this Plan Change (#10) is to ensure that the Register is up to date and relevant for the district. Updates will account for trees that no longer exist, as well as new expert thinking about what makes a tree notable. 

The overall approach to tree protection within the District Plan is not proposed to change. The objectives and policies related to Notable Trees also remain unchanged.


Two key documents we are consulting on

Document one of two:  Register of notable trees in the South Wairarapa

Document two of of two:  Planning maps of notable trees in the South Wairarapa


Search for your Property

 (not formally part of Plan change 10)

Search for your property here:  Updated Searchable Database[XLS, 6MG]

This is a user friendly, searchable database that has additional information about the trees on properties in the South Wairarapa District. This includes the GPS references for most trees. This is not part of the District Plan itself, or the plan change. Other information that will assist in planning decision making will be added to this database over time to assist Council staff as well as ratepayers. This will continue to be freely available for ratepayers on swdc.govt.nz or a digital copy can be requested via email from one of the Planning staff members.


Have your Say

Consultation on the updated to the Notable Trees register and planning maps remains open, and will close on Friday 24th May 2019 4.30pm.  Download submission form[Word]


Key dates

20 March 2019 to 24 May 2019 – initial consultation period

At the completion of the initial consultation period, the timeline for the remaining processes of consultation will be confirmed . This will set out the details for when the summary of submissions is to be released to landowners and the wider community, call for further submissions, officers report and hearing date (as required).


Further information


Contact at Council

Lou Brown, Planning Office, 06 306 9611, ext. 842; email: lou.brown@swdc.govt.nz

South Wairarapa District Council