Notable Tree Schedule Review

South Wairarapa District Council (SWDC) has started a project to update its District Plan schedule of protected trees.

All three Wairarapa District Councils have a combined District Plan schedule which documents notable trees that are protected across the Wairarapa. The SWDC has given the notable status to 97 trees in the South Wairarapa district alone.

To date the updated District Plan schedule has identified some trees listed in the schedule no longer exist, while other trees have been allocated incorrect locations.

The District Plan schedule also provides an opportunity to include more trees that are worthy of protection.  

Inclusion of a notable tree means that removal of or major interference with the tree will require a resource consent from SWDC.

The Council’s community boards and its Maori Standing Committee have already been asked to consider and put forward suggestions of additional trees to be evaluated for inclusion.

Members of the public also have a chance to suggest additional trees to add to the schedule.  Email Annabel Hobson.

Nominations will close on 1 October 2017 and should be addressed to Council Planner Annabel Hobson.

Annabel Hobson says that historic and beautiful trees help to create attractive environments.

“Some people believe more trees in the district warrant protection. For instance, concerns have been expressed by the Tree Advisory Group in Greytown that the Council’s list did not consider additional trees that had been identified as possibly suitable for inclusion. Similar issues may be experienced elsewhere in the district.

“There are no plans to change the District Plan policies and rules mechanism of the district plan.”

District Plan schedule of existing notable trees.