Here you will find Council forms in pdf format. Please download and print the forms then mail, or drop them in, to the Council or Service Centres with the relevant fees.

To view these files, you will need Acrobat Reader. If you do not have this program, it can be downloaded free from the Adobe Acrobat Reader download page.

Building Application Forms
Residential Building Consent/PIM/Amendment Application
Commercial & Complex Residential Building Consent/PIM/Amendment Application
Advice of Licensed Building Practitioners
Minor Works - Heaters, Swimming Pools, Minor Plumbing & Drainage 
Amendment to Compliance Schedule
Certificate for Public Use
Certificate of Acceptance
Waiver or Modification to Building Code

Building Inspection checklists
(Note: These checklists are for builders use prior to calling for a building inspection, they do not form part of the building consent application.)
Building Final Checklist
Cladding Checklist
Commercial Final Checklist
Concrete Floor Slab Checklist
Concrete Masonry Checklist
Drainage Checklist
Fireplace Checklist
Foundation Checklist
Postline/Fire Rated Lining Checklist
Pre-cladding Checklist
Preline Building Checklist
Preline Plumbing Checklist
Pre-slab Plumbing Checklist
Pre-wrap Checklist
Swimming Pool Checklist

Application for Right of Interment form

Community Housing
Community Housing Application form

Dog Registration
Dog Registration Application form

Council run the Creative Communities Scheme, Sport NZ Rural Travel Fund and our three community boards have financial assistance available.  For more information and forms visit our Grants page)

Food business registration form
Multi-site premises registration form
Scope of Operations document
Registration transfer
Application to operate a Food Stall
Amusement Device application form 
Campground Registration form
Hairdresser’s Registration form
Hawkers Licence form
Offensive Trade Registration form

Event application form

RAPID Number Application form
Road Naming Application form
Water/Sewer Connections and Vehicle Crossing Application form
Water/Sewer Connections and Vehicle Crossing Application form - Greytown
Sewerage - Disposing of septic tank waste form
Request for exemption from the vegetation control programme

Alcohol Licensing
On licence application (new, renewal or renewal with variation)
Off licence application (new, renewal or renewal with variation)
Club licence application (new, renewal or renewal with variation)
Variation to conditions or Cancellation of licence application
Special Licence application
Temporary authority application
Manager’s certificate application
Manager’s certificate renewal
Notice of management change
Building certificate (in support of alcohol licensing application)
Planning certificate (in support of alcohol licensing application)

Rates & Property
RAPID Number Application form
Rates Penalty Remission Application form
LIM (Land Information Memorandum) Application form
LIM Brochure
Direct Debit form
Rates Rebate Application form

Resource Management
Resource Consent application form
RMA Certificate of Compliance form
Affected Party Consent form
Permitted Boundary Application Form
Submission on Notified Resource Consent form
S224 Application form 

South Wairarapa District Council