Inorganic collections 2018

The inorganic collection is for all South Wairarapa properties currently paying for refuse collection on their rates.  The collection is limited to one item per property:

  • up to 15 kg in weight, and
  • must be able to be lifted by one person.

Typical items may include:

  • a small piece of furniture (eg plastic chair), or
  • a small home appliance (eg microwave).

No sofas or television sets please – these can be taken to the Martinborough Transfer Station (normal refuse charges apply).

Please do not put out any:

  • hazardous waste, or
  • green waste.

The inorganic collection takes place on your normal collection day twice a year:

  • 7-11 May 2018, and
  • 6-10 August 2018.

Items must be out on the kerbside by 7:30am.  Any unsuitable items will be left behind.