Greytown Community Board

Welcome to the Greytown Community Board page

We are working hard to be a proactive Community Board that makes a real difference to the Greytown Ward Community.

Current members of the Board are:
Leigh Hay (Chair)
Ann Rainford (Deputy Chair)
Christine Stevenson
Mike Gray

Council Representatives on the Board are:
Cr Paora Ammunson
Cr Margaret Craig

Student Representative:
AJ Southey

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Community Board Strategic Plan
We have identified our priorities for the 2016 to 2019 triennium, and are also looking at a six year plan in order to provide continuity between this triennium and the next. Shortly we will be ready to begin the process for consultation amongst 20 key groups within the community for their input. Once this process is finalised we will have the plan available to view here.

Community Board Grants
We have reviewed our criteria for community grants. The new criteria and  application form is now available. 

Our criteria for grants are:  To be eligible, applications must be from non-profit organisations for an essential social service or a recreational, cultural, educational or sporting purpose located or operating in the Greytown Ward of the South Wairarapa District. Grants are considered throughout the year.

Greytown Community Board considers grant applications at their 6-weekly meetings.  Refer to our meetings calendar for the meetings schedule.  The maximum grant that can be applied for is $500 per application.  The criteria are outlined on the application form.  The Greytown Community Board requires a project accountability form to be completed within 3 months of grant expenditure.

Grants will not be considered unless the correct application form is filled in. Any group who have received funds in the past and have not filled in the accountability form will not be considered for any further grants until this has been done.

An accountability form must be completed within 3 months of project completion.

Civil Defence
The Greytown Community Board will begin meetings with WREMO in March followed by public consultation with key stakeholders in Greytown to finalise our Civil Defence Plan. This follows a workshop held in February with the WREMO Civil Defence Co-ordinator.

Greytown Community Board Facebook Page
The Greytown Community Board Facebook page acts as a forum for Greytown issues, news from SWDC, news from Greytown Community Board, fundraisers and local events. It also acts to support local businesses and Tourism operators. It seeks to reach citizens in the Greytown ward who find this a more useful medium for news.

Messages and images posted on this page will be moderated - they must always be polite, appropriate and relevant. We support free speech and community engagement however we will remove anything that breaks Facebook standards and our rules. Please see our Facebook page for more details.