Featherston Wastewater Resource Consent Application - Public Meeting

At a public meeting on the 6 November, 2017, CEO Mr Crimp outlined key points about the Featherston Wastewater Resource Consent Application lodged with Greater Wellington Regional Council in February 2017.  Council have been working with GWRC to answer technical questions on the application since that time.
Featherston Wastewater Ponds
The wastewater solution, which would clean up South Wairarapa's waterways by irrigating ultra-violet treated wastewater to land, was expected to be publicly notified by GWRC by the end of the year.  Once the consent application was notified members of the public would have 20 working days to lodge submissions on the proposal.  It was hoped the information provided to the public at the meeting and available here would provide information to assist people with their submissions.  Formal hearings before independant commissioners would be held, followed by the decision notification.