Council Agenda and Minutes 2017

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Meeting Date Agenda Minutes 
18 January 2017
(extraordinary meeting)
Agenda Minutes
22 February 2017 Agenda
B1-CB Reports (tabled)
C1-Triennial Agreement
C2-Policy Review Process (tabled)
D1-P&E Report
D2-I&S Report
D3-CE Report
D4-Action Items Report
E1-Mayor's Report
F1-Cr's Report
Tabled Documents
2 March 2017
Agenda and Report
Submissions 1-100
Submissions 101-244
Tabled Documents
5 April 2017 Agenda
B1-CB Reports (1.1mb)
C1-Water Policies Review
C2-Pandemic Policy Review
C3-WMMP Consultation (1.3mb)
C4-Council Ctte Policy
C5-P&E Fees 17/18
C6-Mba Growth
C7-DLC Appointment
C8-AP Consultation Doc
D1-P&E Report
D2-I&S Report (1.2mb)
D3-CE Report
D4-Actions Report
D5-Waihinga Centre (tabled)
D6-LGNZ Conference
E1-Mayor's Report
F1-Cr Reports
F2-GWRC Appts
G1-Outside Appts (WRFB)
17 May 2017 Agenda
B1-CB Reports
C1-Flags Policy
C2-Remuneration Policy
C3-Financial Delegations Policy
C5-Submission to LGC (2.7mb)
D1-P&E Report
D2-I&S Report
D3-CE Report (1.2mb)
D4-Actions Report
E1-Mayor's Report
E2-Cr Reports
G1-Outside Appts (DW)
Tabled documents
31 May 2017-1 June 2017
(AP Hearing extraordinary meeting)

Agenda and Report (1.3mb)
App 1-Submissions 1-42 (6.1mb)
App 1-Submissions 43-56 (5.7mb)
App 1-Submissions 57-80 (7.7mb)
App 1-Submissions 81-95 (7.8mb)
App 1-Submissions 96-103 (2.8mb)
Submissions 104-105

App 2-Submissions Summary 
Tabled Documents

1 June 2017 (WMMP Hearing) Agenda and Report (3.3mb) Minutes
28 June 2017 Agenda
B1-CB Reports (1.2mb)
 - FCB Minutes 2/5/17
 - MSC Minutes 19/6/17

C1-Gtn Development (1.6mb)
C2-Bylaws Review
C3-Naming of Fstn (1.8mb)
C4-17/18 AP ( tabled)
C5-Civic Awards TOR
C6-Remits to LGNZ
C8-Financial Delegations
D1-P&E Report
D2-I&S Report
D3-CE Report (1.2mb)
D4-Actions Report
  -Waihinga (tabled)
E1-Mayor's Report
E2-Deputy Mayor's Report
F1-Cr Reports (tabled)
9 August 2017 Agenda
B1-CB Minutes
 -MSC Minutes (tabled)
C1-Earthquake Prone Bldgs
C2-Dangerous Blds Policy
C3-IT Policy
C4-Fstn Street Naming
C5-Dog Control Report 16/17
C7-CE Review TOR
C8-Graffiti Policy
C9-Financial Delegations
C10-Waiohine Floodplain (tabled)
D1-P&E Report
D2-I&S Report
D3-CE Report
D4-Compliance Instruction
D5-Action Items
D6-Civil Defence Review
E1-Mayor's Report
G1-Council appointments
Tabled Items (6.1mb)
20 September 2017 Agenda
B1-CB Minutes (1.4mb)
 -MSC Minutes (tabled)
C1-WMMP (2.8mb)
C2-Earthquake Prone Bldgs
C3-Gtn Little Theatre
C4-H&S Policy
C5-Members Determination
C6-Ordinary Meetings 2018
C7-Remission of Rates
C8-Gtn Wastewater Contract
C9-Tourism Fund (1.5mb)
C10-CEO Remuneration
C11-Parks & Reserves Policy (tabled)
D1-P&E Report
D2-I&S Report (2.5mb)
D3-CE Report
D4-Action Items
D5-ARLA Annual Report (1.2mb)
E1-Mayor's Report
F1-Cr Reports
F2-Cr Reports (GWRC)
Tabled Documents
25 October 2017 Agenda Minutes
13 December 2017 Agenda Minutes