Contact us

Address:      South Wairarapa District Council
                    19 Kitchener Street, Martinborough 5711
                    PO Box 6, Martinborough 5741
                    New Zealand
Telephone:   06 306 9611
Fax:              06 306 9373
If you know the name of the person you want to contact, find them in the list below to get their extension number or send them an email. If you don’t know who you need to talk to, email or if it is urgent give us a call on 06 306 9611.
Elected officials
The Mayor and Councillor details are on the Contact a Councillor page.
Community Board Member details are on the Contact a Community Board Member page.
Featherston Library        06 308 9030
Martinborough Library    06 306 9758
Greytown Library           06 304 9061
Council staff
Kitchener Street staff can be emailed (click on their name) or you can ring 06 306 9611 and then dial their extension number below:
Paul Crimp Chief Executive Officer 832
Barbara Gavan Executive Assistant to the CEO & Mayor 832
Suzanne Clark Committee Secretary 826
Murray Buchanan Group Manager Planning & Environment 843
Russell Hooper Senior Planner 845
Annabel Hobson Resource Management Officer 842
Pam Attrill Resource Management Administrator 852
Shane Sykes Team Leader Environmental Services 853
Hazel Turner Environmental Services Administrator 849
Vacant Environmental Health Officer 822
Andrew McEwan Bylaws Officer 846
Lynne Drake Bylaws Officer 846
Adrian Cullen Team Leader Building Control 840
Mary Wallace Building Administrator 857
Sara Edney Building Control Officer 861
Kieran Blake Building Control Officer 855
Stan Bossom Building Control Officer 856
Roger Wale Building Control Officer 855
Roberta Gowans Building Scanning Officer 857
Mark Allingham Group Manager Infrastructure & Services 829
Tracy Gardiner Infrastructure and Services Administrator 821
Melanie Maynard Infrastructure and Services Customer Administrator 825
Bill Sloan Project Programme Manager 836
Lawrence Stephenson Assets and Operations Manager 863
Bruce Thomson Assets and GIS Officer 837
Kereana Sims Roading Manager 844
Brandon Dittmer Utilities Engineer 838
Helen McNaught Amenities Manager 827
Trish Drury Amenities Administrator 833
Jennie Mitchell Corporate Services Manager 847
Kyra Low Team Leader Finance 851
Sally Eru Accounts Payable & Payroll 830
Karen McClelland Accounts Receivable (water & general) 820
Kirsty McMenamin Accounts Receivable (rates & dogs) 858
Tania Fine Accounts Receivable 777
Susan Mitchell Records & Archives Officer 854
Christine Allanson Reception 828