SH2 Remutaka Hill – overnight closures to resume in November

Briefing from NZ Transport Agency, dated 7 October 2019

The NZ Transport Agency is giving early notice of planned closures of State Highway 2 over the Remutaka Hill to enable essential maintenance and slip prevention works to be safely carried out.

Planned over the next 12 months are four one-night closures and three blocks of five consecutive night closures.

The first one-night closure is on Sunday 10 November from 9pm to 4am Monday, followed by five consecutive nights from 9pm Sunday night 24 November to 4am Friday morning 29 November.

There are a further five consecutive night closures scheduled for Sunday 12 January to Friday 17 January, and Sunday 3 May to Friday 8 May. The remaining one-night closures are scheduled for Sunday 5 April, Sunday 12 July and Sunday 13 September.

The night time work will significantly reduce the number of day time disruptions on the hill road, enable better quality maintenance work, and most importantly increase the safety of maintenance crews.

Since the night closures in March earlier this year, there have been only five stop/go works on the hill in the last six months. This compares to approximately 300 stop/go road works annually in previous years.

Based on the positive results, we’ll look to continue with night time road closures for maintenance work on the Hill Road in the coming years whilst we continue to monitor the benefits and impact to road users.

While we achieved a lot of high quality work during the closures in March, The Remutaka Hill Road is a high-use mountain road that requires ongoing maintenance to keep it safe and in optimal working order. Like a car, the more you use it, the more servicing it needs.

We hope with this advance warning, road users will be able to reschedule their journeys, or allow additional time for the detour via Pahiatua Track or Saddle Road. 

A limited shuttle van service on a timetable is available for those such as shift workers who have no choice but to use the hill road at night. Please get in touch with us if you have any questions or would like discuss any specific issues regarding the closure times.

More information about the closures can be found at

Night time Maintenance Closures of the SH2 over the Remutaka Hill

No. of Nights

Start Date

(Sunday 9pm)

End Date



10th November 2019

Monday 11th November 2019


24th November 2019

Friday 29th November 2019


12th January 2020

Friday 17th January 2020


5th April 2020

Monday 6th April 2020


3rd May 2020

Friday 8th May 2020


12th July 2020

Monday 13th July 2020


13th September 2020

Monday 14th September 2020


South Wairarapa District Council