RUBBISH wheelie bins, not from Council

11 October 2019

Over the past week, SWDC has received many queries from confused residents about Wairarapa Environmental and WaiBin RUBBISH wheelie bins, which have been delivered unsolicited to many, potentially all, urban residents over recent days. These bins are not from Council.

Both Wairarapa Environment and WaiBins are provided by a private company and Council was not informed that this marketing activity would be taking place in our district. Chief Executive Harry Wilson has been in touch with the company to seek reassurance that all unclaimed/unwanted bins are going to be picked up.

If you do not wish to keep the bin, we suggest you contact Wairarapa Environmental or WaiBins to ask for it to be collected. The numbers are on the flyers that came with the bin, but are repeated here: for Wairarapa Environmental call 06 378 8294, or visit; for WaiBins, call  06 929 7549 , or visit

If you do want to keep the bin, please read the information in the flyer.

Note that these bins are not to be confused with the black, yellow-lidded council recycling wheelie bins rolled out recently. More information about the council recycling service is available here

South Wairarapa District Council