Important notice for all water race users

Reduced flows in water races - 22 January 2020

Due to low flow conditions in the Tauherenikau and Waiohine Rivers and to ensure compliance with resource consent conditions, flows available to the water races have been reduced. The reduced flows may be noticeable at the extremities of each water race system and unless river flows increase this situation is expected to continue. The Longwood system is operating at the lowest take rate allowable and the Moroa system is at the third stepdown of four reductions in flow.

In addition, in the Greytown Urban area, land development work in the Kuratawhiti Street area has resulted in a temporary reduction of flow in sections of the water races passing through those urban parts of Greytown. This is expected to be resolved later this week.  Rural water race ratepayers with stock watering needs who have any concerns are encouraged to contact the Council by emailing or calling us on 06 306 9611.

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