Featherston Community Board

Welcome to the Featherston Community Board page.

We are working hard to be a proactive Community Board that makes a real difference to the Featherston Ward Community.

Your current members are:
Brenda West (Chair)
Mark Shepherd
Claire Bleakley
Robyn Ramsden
Councillor Colin Olds
Councillor Dayle Harwood
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Community Board Strategic Plan
We have identified our priorities for the 2014 to 2016 triennium, please download our Three Year Plan to learn more about our vision for the Featherston Ward Community.


Community Board Grants
Applications for grant funding in 2017 will be accepted anytime but grants will only be considered on the 31 January 2017, 2 May 2017, 18 July 2017 and 10 October 2017 and 21 November 2017.  All grant recipients must complete an accountability form at the conclusion of their project.